About the Partners

Banbridge District Enterprises Limited, a prominent enterprise development center, with a strong background in mentoring food startups, leads the project. They are joined by the Nationwide Caterers Association whose innovative print and online resources are the focus of our training transfer process; BDF Friesland and Kiezküchen, SME and vocational training experts with specialist catering events; La Unio, one of the largest agri-food associations in Spain; and Gourmet Street Pizza, an SME street food success story.

Our consortium comprises six organizations from business, VET and social sectors, who share a commitment to generating successful food micro and SMEs with a realistic understanding of the skills needed for success and the learning dynamics of target trainees.

The need for the project was originally identified by Banbridge District Enterprises Limited, a prominent enterprise development centre with agri-food experience, who after searching for European best practice, found it closer to home and invited a second UK partner– NCASS – to contribute their innovative print and online resources. BDEL will lead the project while NCASS will coordinate pedagogical and technical transfer.

BDF Friesland is dedicated to training for startup businesses, and their experience in street food is evident in Ljouwert Culinair, the biggest culinary event in the region, an ideal setting for our high profile launch event. They will lead the Training Needs Analysis and help significantly with dissemination.

Kiezküchen in as active LLP programme participant for over 10 years and runs an extensive catering training programme with work placements for disadvantaged youth, and so are ideally placed to coordinate the pilot test and recommend improvements.

La Unio stands out for the breadth and depth of its work with food micro SMEs and through IVIFA, an international network of agrifood training. As an experienced LdV partner, they have a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunites of the issemination/exploitation workpackage they will manage.

Finally Gourmet Street Pizza, an SME street food success story, brings our target group into the heart of the project. Its leadership team has previously managed LdV projects and the proximity with BDEL will facilitate a smooth quality and evaluation role.